For the love of books

As a child I was always more interested in drawing than reading. The only books I read were Roald Dahl, and this was purely because of his whipple scrumptious snozcumbertastic made-up words and electrifyingly rotten characters.

I was 20, studying hard and partying harder at Uni and I needed to de-stress. My Dad suggested I try reading a novel. I did. I discovered that reading is a pleasure not a chore. It’s true, some reading can be dull. But a good book is a time traveller, a transporter to new worlds and new friends, an escape, and strangely, as it’s a solitary experience, an activity that brings people together and inspires passionate discussion.

Bee’s Bookshare has been running since April 2012. When I moved to Margate in 2010, I wanted to join a book club. But not a stuffy, dry, painful literary competition between readers (not all book clubs are like this, but the ones I tried were and made my heart, and bookmark, sink), but a relaxed, welcoming, social evening where people talk about books they’ve read, the ones they loved, the ones they hated, and discover new reads to devour. But there was nothing going on that I could find. So I set one up. The wonderful Fort’s Cafe on Margate seafront agreed to host (always good to have food and wine on hand for book natter).

Since then, and over 250 books, hundreds of hours of booky banter, two sister shares, dozens of events, several book-related art workshops, pop-ups and countless new friends, we’re still meeting up, just around the corner at Radio Margate.

So come join us!

Find the next event here >

To find out more follow @beesbookshare #beesbookshare.

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