Welcome to the book group with a difference.


I’m Bee.

For me, there’s nothing more relaxing than getting stuck into a good book. But when I ventured to find a book club in my sunny-ish seaside hometown Margate when I moved here in 2010, there were none to be found.  So I started one.

Since 2012, Bee’s Bookshare has met regularly, bringing a community of book lovers together to share the books we’ve loved, loathed, can’t put down and can’t get into. We each take away a new read and having a jolly good social time while we’re at it. 

Forget reading a set text… we’re all about devouring anything and everything, swapping a variety of reads – some we all know of, some we’d never have tried. 

This blog details information about our regular meet ups in Margate and meets at our sister groups in Deal and Faversham. There’s also a page of our book devouring for you to see what’s been shared.

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Deal bookshare  –  @dealbookshare at 81 Beach Street

Faversham bookshare@bookysham at The Yard